We select and breed Catalan Sheepdogs since 1976

The excitement!

After two months of waiting, the day arrives! As if it was the first litter, emotions are skin-deep: how many are there? Will they be healthy? Who will they look like?

After 40 years, the feelings do not change, the hopes are always put in these little fur balls!

Do you want to share this excitement?

Affix no. 1,036 of the F.C.I



All our breedings are controlled from hip and elbow dysplasia with the official AVEPA certificate (Spanish association of little animal’s vets).

Zoological G23/00010 de Campdurà, AFIX. F.C.I 1.036

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CH. Faluga de Campdurà

One of the best females that ever exists in the breed. It took a lot of people to have interest in the Catalan sheepdog.

World Champion 1983

Spanish Champion 1981


CH. Mona de Campdurà

Daughter of Ch. Faluga of Campdura, class inherited from his mother in a smaller scale and a lot of authenticity.

Champion of Spain 1990

CH. Taca de Campdurà

Feminine but strong, with excellent movements.

Champion of Spain 1996